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Reach your target audience pre-departure!

AppMate can help you reach the growing audience of over 250 million iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry users. Depending on your business objectives, AppMate can be used to achieve a multitude of benefits. Here's just a few;

  • Reach your customers pre-departure
  • Use telephone, web and email links to generate inbound enquiries
  • Pass reservation enquiries onto your existing booking system
  • Guide customers to precise, physical locations
  • Stay connected with your guests before, during & after their stay
  • Save money on the cost of printed literature
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Develop your SEO with backlinks from sites like iTunes & Amazon

Here's some ideas as to how AppMate Travel can be utilised by different parties in the travel and tourism sector.

  • Hoteliers

    Use your superior local knowledge to promote your accommodation and provide your guests with improved services.

  • Airlines

    Treat your passengers to a destination guide or inflight magazine they can read before, during and after their flight!

  • Cruise lines

    Provide your passengers with an itinery and destination guide for each stop along with information of onboard services.

  • What's On Guide

    AppMate provides a great platform for delivering up-to-date 'What's On' guides wether it be for one city or nationally.

  • Food & Drink

    AppMate can be used to create just about any type of destination guide and Food & Drink is no exception.

  • Resort Directory

    Promoting multiple resorts is easy and when compared to the cost of printing glossy brochures there's really no comparison!

  • Event Organisers

    When thousands of people decend onto one location, Apps provide an effective way of delivering useful info such as car parking, transport and services.

  • Publishers

    Wether you're a national newspaper looking to recycle your best travel tips or a dedicated travel publisher, we can help you mobilise your content quickly.

  • Universities

    AppMate is a great way to provide up-to-date information to students. Create a map of campas facilities and a directory of useful contacts.

  • Nightlife

    Track the movements of leading DJ's across the country or target a city's local community with listings and special offers.

  • Travel Writers

    If you're interested in self-publishing your own mobile guides then AppMate provides you with everything you need.

  • Amusement Parks

    Guide your visitors around your site and maximise revenue opportunities.