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Mobile App Creation Just Got Real Easy!

Start building your apps in just 30 minutes!

Instantly Familiar

What makes the AppMate CMS so easy-to-use is the use of familiar objects such as folders and pages. If you can use the internet you can use AppMate!

Video Tutorials

We've prepared a series of video tutorials and supporting documentation so you can get up and running in as little as 30 minutes!


No programming
skills required!


Update your apps
from anywhere!


Once you've entered your content for a particular page you can instantly preview how the page will be displayed on a mobile device and save hours of time proofing.


Publishing fresh content to your apps is a one-click operation and puts you firmly in control!

Quick & easy-to-use, the AppMate Content Management System lets you focus on creating great content for your end users.

  • Access anytime, anywhere

    AppMate is accessed online, just log on using the Safari web browser and you're away!

  • Folders

    Create your app's menu structure simply by naming and arranging your project's folder structure to suit you.

  • Pages

    Content pages are created in minutes simply by using our familiar form–view for each entry.

  • Organiser

    The organiser provides an instant overview of your project's structure and allows you to easily re–order folders and pages by simply dragging and dropping.

  • Links

    Create telephone, web, email and internal links in seconds and connect your audience to your services.

  • Mapping

    Adding maps to your app is simply a case of dropping a pin and selecting a category for your entry.

  • Images

    Adding images and galleries to your project is as easy as uploading your photos to facebook.

  • Page Themes

    Dramatically change the appearance of individual pages by selecting a different page theme to render your content.

  • Preview

    Get an instant preview as to how your content page will appear on a mobile device.

  • Online Back Up

    All your content is stored online and backed up daily.

  • Publish Updates

    Publishing your content updates across all of your apps takes just one click.

  • Support

    We're online Mon - Fri to help assist you with any questions or help you need.